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Fort Henry, a National Historic Site of Canada and part of a World Heritage Site, offers the opportunity for students to experience much more than just history lesson.

Designed in partnership with the Limestone District School Board, this hands-on approach is designed to achieve your curriculum objectives. Your classroom will be moved to a British Fort interpreted during the year 1867, Canada's Confederation. Core curriculum will include: language studies, technology and design, social studies, physical education, history, geography and geology. Some of the specially offered school programs are:

  • The Bonnycastle Tour
  • Victorian Education Program
  • Garrison Life Program
  • Day In The Regiment Program
  • Soldier's Overnight Program

Prices are in effect until March 31, 2016.


Start your visit at the new Fort Henry Discovery Centre. Officially opened in Spring 2012, the Discovery Centre features interactive experiences that shares stories not told inside the walls of the Fort. Details on many of the historic characters who shaped the history of Canada and military strategies will be told in a detailed, fun and relevant fashion with guest-triggered interactive features. Meet an American spy through a fascinating story of international intrigue. Learn the different ways Officers and Soldiers ate their meals while sitting at their dining table. Help a doctor diagnose an illness and recommend the treatment. Meet the ghost of Canada’s First Prime Minister – Sir. John A. Macdonald and hear some of his political trials and tribulations. Line up tall ships in your cannon scope sailing in Kingston’s Navy Bay and try to sink them with an interactive cannon. Choose your rank and regiment yourself on a computer screen and take the picture home with you. Your visit to the Discovery Centre is included in the admission or program price. 


Please book at least 5 days in advance of your desired date of visit to ensure that we are able to meet your requirements.

The Bonnycastle Tour

This 60 minute program gives students a chance to come face to face with Soldiers in Her Majesty's Army of 1867. Queen Victoria's Army was the beginning of what we recognize as the "Modern Army".

Victorian Education Program

This 90 minute program gives the class a chance to become a soldier in Her Majesty's Army. After an Orientation Tour of the facility, the class is inducted into the Service and swears allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Garrison Life Program

The Garrison Life program is three hours in length. Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada provides the opportunity for your group/class to become a soldier in Her Majesty's Army.

A Day in the Regiment Program

This program gives your class the opportunity to enlist for an entire day. After an Orientation Tour of Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada, the class is inducted into the Service and swears allegiance to Her Most Britannic Majesty, Queen Victoria.

Soldier's Overnight Program

No classroom experience will equal the excitement and fun of the Soldiers' Overnight Program. It is by far the premier learning experience offered at Fort Henry. Immerse your students into the lifestyle of Fort Henry's garrison, exposing them to actual routines of the 1860's.


Fort Henry needs your help to connect more children to a historical experience where learning can come alive. Companies can chose 1 of 3 educational programming opportunities: Fort Henry National Historic Site, Upper Canada Village, and the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. 

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