What can I do at YGK Craft Beer Fest?
You can drink, you can eat, and you can play! This is the perfect chance to hang out with your friends overlooking the best view in Kingston while enjoying all delicious food truck offerings and craft beer and cider. And what pairs well with this? Live music! Check out our 2019 lineup: The Elwins, The Wilderness, Lost Cousins, Grace 2 and Phantom Atlantic! Band times are posted at ygkcraftbeerfest.com. You can also play games and enjoy many of our awesome photo ops to spice up your Instagram page!  

What time does the event begin and end?
The event runs from 12PM - 8PM. I.D. checks and bag checks are mandatory upon entry. No outside food or drink is permitted. 

Is the event accessible?
Yes, however, please note that the area in which the event takes place is located on a hill. The event site is a mix of gravel and grass. We would recommend all-terrain wheelchairs. Accessible washrooms are available on site. A limited number of wheelchairs are available on site on a first-come-first-serve basis, please visit Mrs. Henry’s treat shop in the upper Fort for assistance. 

What if it rains?
The event runs rain or shine! Please dress according to the weather. In case of inclement weather, announcements will be made on site (from the stage) and on social media. Admission tickets to YGK Craft Beer Fest are non-refundable. 


What to bring:
Sunglasses, sunscreen, cash (though Fort Henry and some vendors accept cards), and a lawn chair or blanket to sit on the hill if you fancy that idea! No outside food or drink permitted. You can, however, bring a reusable water bottle, as there is a quench buggy on site to fill your bottle. Note that bag checks are mandatory upon entry.

What NOT to bring:
Please do not bring your own food and beverages. Other prohibited items include weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol and large umbrellas. Please note that although it is legal to smoke/vape in the designated smoking zone (located within the YGK Craft Beer Fest outdoor venue), edibles have not been legalized yet and will not be permitted on site. 

What’s the process of getting the alcohol from the vendor to my hand?
Alcohol is distributed through samples. One sample costs you one beer token. Beer tokens cost $2.50 each (tax included) and can be purchased at the ticket booth, the beer token hut, or through our mobile ticket sellers who can be found strolling around the event wearing “Beer Token” shirts. You can purchase up to 8 beer tokens at a time (8 half-pints for $20).

What vendors will be there?
Seen at YGK Craft Beer Fest are beer vendors, food vendors and artisans. Please see attached links for lists of our participating vendors: 
•    Craft Breweries
•    Food
•    Artisans

Where do I park?
There is free parking on site in the main parking lot of Fort Henry and on the front hill. There are approximately 600 parking spaces (including the temporary overflow parking area on the grass/front hill) however the event sees up to 3,500 people annually. We encourage alternative transportation if it’s an option. If you do drive to the venue, do not drink and drive. Police will be monitoring the parking lot. 

Can I leave my car parked at Fort Henry overnight?
Yes, absolutely. 

Are there shuttle services and/or designated drivers on site?
There are no shuttles for this event. Please arrange to be picked up, call a taxi, or walk to the bottom of the hill (Fort Henry Drive and Hwy 2) to the bus stop for Kingston Transit. 

Who’s playing? 
Glad you asked! In order: Phantom Atlantic, Lost Cousins, Grace 2, The Wilderness and The Elwins! The music kicks off at 12:15pm and plays until the event ends. Find set times here.

Is there a smoking zone? 
Yes. There is a designated smoking/vaping zone within the event site. No food or drink is permitted inside the smoking zone. YGK Craft Beer Fest is an all-ages event. Patrons utilizing cannabis or cigarettes/tobacco may not sell or distribute on site and products are not offered for sale on site either. Event security will only permit up to 1 gram per patron, or two reasonable sized joints. Please note that edibles are currently illegal in Ontario. Smoking will not be tolerated outside of the smoking zone. Violators will be asked to leave the site immediately and admission is non-refundable.

Is the Festival all ages?
Yes. All are welcome to the event. However, to drink alcohol you must be of legal drinking age (19+). After your I.D. is checked, you will receive a branded wristband which will permit you to sample alcohol on site. 

How do I obtain my wristband?
You will receive your wristband at the wristband station at the ticket booth (first stop on your walk into the Fort from the main parking lot). Please have your ID ready. 

What is your entry/re-entry policy?
Once you’re in, you are in! Re-entry will not be granted once you leave the event. In the case of an emergency or special circumstances, an event lead will accommodate leaving on a case-to-case basis (and security will grant re-entry based on this). 

Do you have a lost & found?
In case of a lost item, please find a staff member to help you find your way to our Fort Henry Gift Shop where any lost items will be stored away. 

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs are welcome but must ALWAYS remain on their leash. Don’t forget to bring doggy bags with you as you are responsible to clean up after your pet. AND! Be sure to visit the quench buggy near the beer token cabin where you and your furry friend can grab a drink of water!

Will there be medical services on site?
Yes, a first aid tent will be located on site with a medic on hand. Please keep hydrated as the sun can be quite hot on our waterfront site! Don’t forget your sunscreen! 

Are there washrooms available on site?
Yes, portable washrooms (trailers) will be available on site. Accessible washrooms are also available. 

What’s the policy on food for those with dietary restrictions?
A food vendor on site, Glocca Morra Grill, offers gluten-free and vegetarian options. Outside food is restricted from the event. Exceptions can be made but must be approved in advance by event lead Jamie Oomen, who can be contacted at jamie.oomen@parks.on.ca or by phone at 613-542-7388 ext. 4209. 

Can I buy merch?
It’s likely our musicians will have their merchandise available on site located at a table near the stage for your pleasure. Definitely check that out if you get a chance! You can also buy Fort Henry merchandise in the gift shop on your way in or way out of the event. We have a range of fantastic vendors/stores in the upper Fort as well. We also have wonderful artisan vendors on site – check them out: https://www.forthenry.com/events/beerfest/artisan-vendors/

Can I volunteer or work the event?
Thanks for considering helping us out! Fortunately, YGK Craft Beer Fest has all the staff it needs for the event. However, the event held earlier in the day, Cannonball Crush, is actively looking for volunteers to work from 8AM - 12PM.

BONUS! You get FREE entry to YGK Craft Beer Fest by volunteering. If interested please email Greg Gouthro at greg.gouthro@parks.on.ca or reach on the phone at 613-542-7388 ext. 4251. There’s a giant slip n’ slide at Cannonball Crush, like…come on!! It’s awesome.

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