Food Vendors

Glocca Morra Farms Grill

Glocca Morra Grill was inspired by all the “local” we have at our fingertips! We have a farm here in Kingston and started our food trucking based on all we had available! Locally produced produce is used whenever possible! We cook with local “Seed to Sausage” and serve their sausages with a twist! We work with several local breweries to cook with in dishes like our signature Drunkin Chicken Nachos. We are very conscientious of gluten sensitivities, our fryer is gluten-free, and many of our products, as well as vegetarian options. Our menu is constantly evolving.

Facebook: GloccaMorraFarms

Fryway 33

FryWay 33 was a concept born from experiences throughout Quebec and Ontario’s Mennonite communities. The idea wasn’t easy – we had to be ‘just a little bit more than people expect to find at a chip truck,’ which basically meant farm-to-table. Our flavourful Red Potatoes come directly from friendly farmers & our steroid-free meats come from a mix of local and Ontario award-winning producers. The food? It took a year or two of research & trial and error. Our Double-Layered Poutine was inspired by travels throughout rural Quebec – c’est magnifique! Our tastes for burgers, sauces and everything on the menu came from years of working around the service industry, befriending chefs and having conversations about how to create basic fare the best way possible. We hope you’ll enjoy the result!

Facebook: FryWayThirty3
Instagram: @fryway33

Mio Gelato

Looking for something cold and refreshing on the hill? Mio Gelato will be on site serving a selection of small-batch gelato and sorbetto. Choose from 16 different flavour options!

Facebook: MioGelatoKingston
Instagram: @MioGelatoKingston

Jambel Cuisine

Jambel is a family run food business that specializes in Jamaican and Belgian cuisine. At this year’s YGK Beer Festival we will be serving our famous Jamaican & Belgian fusion…Jerk Chicken and Belgian Fries served with our Jerk Aioli.

Facebook: JambelCuisine


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