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On a late September evening in 1867, residents of the City of Kingston watched as an evil dark cloud descended upon the mighty Fort Henry, high on the hill overlooking the city. Shots and screams could be heard inside, as well as the closing of the Fort’s gates.  All within were trapped inside. No one has dared open the locked gates to check on the doomed regiment of soldiers for almost 150 years... until now.



Happy the Clown, a beloved staple of Fort Fright has been missing since 2015. Said to have been driven off by other clowns wanting the job, Happy hasn’t been seen since. Stories have been heard that Happy is locked in the West Officer’s quarters of Fort Henry with reports of maniacal laughter and blood-curdling screams being the only evidence that Happy is still here. This area has been termed Happy’s Fun House and only one person has been inside and lived to tell the tale. Rumoured to be Happy’s uncle, he told of a swirling vortex, black light corridors filled with strange things, and maze-like rooms where Happy lives. He turned and yelled “Happy Birthday!” before running back inside. 



Legend has it before Fort Henry was built, Kingston was hit with a torrential storm. Due to the heavy rain and high waters, many sections of Lake Ontario flooded the area creating a marshland.
With the flood came terrifying creatures who inhabited the area, bringing with them incurable disease. Livestock and residents of farms nearby became infected and quickly the area was wiped out. It has been said only the scarecrows remained, haunting the fields.
Tales of unknown creatures continued during the building of the Rideau Canal. In the late 1820's, Irish labourers in the Kingston Mills Lock area, who brought with them supernatural beliefs, were alarmed when they heard what they thought were the groans and sobs of the 'Bean-Sidhe' (The Banshees) in the marsh, moving from swamp to swamp. Many people reported hearing the hysterical noises over the years but no one could find anything that caused them. The Bean-Sidhe mourn over the death of a good or holy person and are protected by the Loup Garou. They say the creatures still lurk in the marshes throughout Kingston.
What else still resides past the swamps? Take a wander through the Cursed Hallows and discover for yourself... if you dare.

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