The Cursed Hallows

Fort Fright Corn Fields in the Cursed HallowsFort Fright Scarecrows in the Cursed Hallows

Legend has it before Fort Henry was built, Kingston was hit with a torrential storm. Due to the heavy rain and high waters, many sections of Lake Ontario flooded the area creating a marshland.

With the flood came terrifying creatures who inhabited the area, bringing with them incurable disease. Livestock and residents of farms nearby became infected and quickly the area was wiped out. It has been said only the scarecrows remained, haunting the fields.
Tales of unknown creatures continued during the building of the Rideau Canal. In the late 1820's, Irish labourers in the Kingston Mills Lock area, who brought with them supernatural beliefs, were alarmed when they heard what they thought were the groans and sobs of the 'Bean-Sidhe' (The Banshees) in the marsh, moving from swamp to swamp. Many people reported hearing the hysterical noises over the years but no one could find anything that caused them. The Bean-Sidhe mourn over the death of a good or holy person and are protected by the Loup Garou. They say the creatures still lurk in the marshes throughout Kingston.
What else still resides past the swamps? Take a wander through the Cursed Hallows and discover for yourself... if you dare.

The Cursed Hallows is inspired by local mythology – that of the Lost Island, The Banshee of Kingston Mills and the indigenous tales of the Rougarou / Loup Garou /Werewolves

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