The Breakout Project

The Movement

Imagine the world’s most motivated, creative, and ambitious innovators competing to kickstart projects that make the world a better place in one epic, sleepless, wild 48-hour event.

This is The Breakout Project.

Teams made up of entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers, and designers will go all out over 48 hours to devise, plan, and raise capital for their social projects with the help from thousands of supporters at the event and millions more all across the globe.

The Breakout Project brings together doers and innovators to dramatically accelerate the most viable projects that will better our community, society and the planet.

The Game Plan

Participants will be confined in Fort Henry for two intensive days of work and networking — but they will have the best of the modern world at their fingertips. Placed in a hyper-communicative eco-system, everyone will be able to network, communicate, and collaborate with other change-makers at the event and around the world. The race is on to see who can make the best connections, secure the most support, generate the best ideas and fully plan a project that is both achievable and incredible.

The winning team will raise the most human and financial capital in 48 hours to propel their project from concept to reality over the next 365 days.

Super early bird pricing available through to January 31st, 2017.

Dates & Times

May 10-12, 2017



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