Cannonball Rush - Back in 2015


During our second annual Cannonball Rush event, over 160 Rushers charged the Fort! They faced steep hills, deep ditches and water in a 5 kilometer outdoor run. The course was combined with challenging obstacles designed to test their strength, determination and team spirit.

Only those who overcome the challenges and cross the finish line can claim to have conquered the Fort! Do you have what it takes?

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2013 Testimonials and Results

"A unique obstacle race that's built around history and includes history in its obstacles! A great experience for anyone who just wants to have fun racing! Its a RUSH!" - Joanne Delia, 2013 Rusher

"What an awesome event. This is a must if you're new to obstacle courses." - Ken Burneau, 2013 Rusher

"Storm the Fort and experience a truly challenging race, bringing to life the obstacles faced in early war times and more! Are you brave enough to experience the RUSH?" - Kelli McRobert, 2013 Rusher