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Fort Henry Privies - Toilets To the right of the cells, you will find the men's privies (toilets), and further to the right of these, were the women's privies. The officer's privies are located under the West Stairs. Officers and women had seats, the men did not.

The privies were flushed out using the fort's water drainage system. Water collected from grates on the parade square is held behind a sluice gate. From time to time, the gate was opened and water would flush waste through a two foot square drainage tunnel into Navy Bay. Water was also collected from the ramparts into five water storage tanks located under the parade square in the east end of the fort. This water was used as the fort's fresh water supply and a pump was used to access it.

Although the British army of 1867 had no female soldiers, there were women living at the fort. Six percent of the soldiers were allowed to marry "on the strength" in all regiments; members of the Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment were allowed a 12 per cent marriage rate. Women "on the strength" could live in the same garrison as their husbands and draw one half of the rations of the men at no extra cost.

On August 26, 1943, nineteen German prisoners escaped from the fort using the privy drainage tunnels. Most were recaptured immediately, but one was not recaptured until September 1st in Clayton, New York.

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