About the Fort

Commandant's Room

This room was occupied by the Fort's Commandant, the highest ranking officer at the Fort. He was responsible for all aspects of the garrison's operations and, with the help of an adjutant, oversaw the running of the Fort from this room which was his office. As the Commandant was usually a married man, he probably did not live at the Fort, but, like all married officers, lived in a house in Kingston with his wife and family.

Officers had no marriage quotas like the other men, but younger officers were discouraged from getting married due to the high cost of maintaining a family. Officers' wives were recognised with the same distinction as their husbands, and often took part in the life of the Fort, checking on the common soldiers' families and maintaining an interest in their welfare.

Fort Henry

1 Fort Henry Drive
Kingston, ON, K7K 5G8

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