About the Fort

Garrison Cells No. 1&2

To the right of the Garrison Plaque (as you face it) you will find two sets of Garrison Cells (two others can be found on the other side of the archway). These were used to incarcerate British soldiers who had committed infractions or crimes. Soldiers could be imprisoned in these cells for up to 42 days; longer sentences were served in the Kingston Penitentiary, which opened in 1835. Other punishments included confinement to barracks, extra drill, hard labour, or cleaning duties.

Punishable offenses ranged from poor turnout and insubordination to desertion; the most common offence, however, was drunkenness. Officers were not subject to the same punishments as the enlisted men; they were normally fined or confined to quarters.


Fort Henry

1 Fort Henry Drive
Kingston, ON, K7K 5G8

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