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Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada is the showcase of one of the most important collections of British and Canadian military artifacts. Fort Henry has recently been designated as a World Heritage Site as a part of the Rideau Canal, which includes the Kingston Fortifications System, of which we are the keystone component. The museum collection enhances the story of the Fort and its place in this very important UNESCO recognition. Fort Henry has also recently undergone a multi-year restoration program that addresses the critical structural issue that threatened the ongoing operation of the Fort. This work will recommence in 2010 and will help to preserve the Fort for posterity.

However, the museum at Fort Henry is also in severe need of renewal. Many of the artifacts are housed in museum cases that were constructed in the 1950's and in some cases may actually be damaging the one of a kind objects. A comprehensive redesign of the needs of the museum, from protective low-light museum cases, to a detailed examination of the themes that tell the important story of Fort Henry and the selection of significant artifacts has been developed. The Fort Henry Museum Plan puts forward a room by room proposal for each museum casemate, based on the concept that the exhibits should further explore and involve visitors in the story of one of the most impressive fortifications built in British North America.

The recent designation as a World Heritage Site underlines the importance of Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada and should further increase the profile of the Fort as a premier tourist destination for Ontario and Canada. It is important that the displays that we present maintain the same high quality as the world class performances by the Fort Henry Guard and provide a memorable experience for our visitors.

While government and private contributions have provided the impetus for the restoration of the Fort itself, the collection of artifacts and the exhibits require further infusions of funding that will ensure that the exhibits in Fort Henry engage visitors and present them with a knowledgeable and memorable experience.

You can help the Museum Renewal Project at Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada and World Heritage Site by making a contribution to the Museum Fund.

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