Fort Henry needs your help to connect more children to a historical experience where learning can come alive. Companies can chose 1 of 3 educational programming opportunities: Fort Henry National Historic Site, Upper Canada Village, and the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. By adopting a school you are not only providing children with an opportunity they may not have had otherwise, but you are igniting their curiosity and fueling their learning.

The Adopt-a-School program includes:

  • Tickets for student admissions
  • A bus to and from school
  • A half day of an exciting learning experience
  • Helping a local school, which may not be able to afford an off-site program

The logistics of the program are as follows:

  • The company sends funds to the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC)
  • The company chooses a school from a list provided by SLPC.
  • SLPC contacts the school to let them know they have been chosen
  • The school chooses a date to participate in the program
  • The school books bus and invoices the SLPC
  • The school sends the company a note of recognition

Besides enhancing the learning experience of a classroom, other benefits of the program include:

  • Your logo will appear on the education website for the SLPC
  • Your company name will appear in a post-season press release

To learn how your business can provide a unique learning experience for children, please take a look at the Adopt-A-School Program.


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