Garrison Life Program

The Garrison Life program is three hours in length. Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada provides the opportunity for your group/class to become a soldier in Her Majesty's Army. After an orientation tour of the site, the class is inducted into the Service and swears allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria's Army after the Crimean War was the beginning of what we recognize as the "Modern Army". Wearing the Infantry Red and Artillery Midnight Blue, your class will be put through their paces with basic foot drill and then put to work. Following the tour, muster and schoolroom lesson, the Squads will then "Fall In" on the Parade Square for final inspection and will receive their discharge papers at the end of the program for their resumption to civilian life.

Fees Main & Off Season:

  • $13 per participant (HST included)
  • 1 Supervisor per 5 Students complimentary
Fort Henry

1 Fort Henry Drive
Kingston, ON, K7K 5G8

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