Fort Henry Donations

Thank you for thinking about Fort Henry as a potential recipient for your donation. Whether or not we are the best “fit,” we sincerely appreciate your consideration.

Fort Henry National Historic Site is a living history site dedicated to the presentation of British Military History. Our primary aim is to portray the various British Regiments who were stationed in Upper Canada from 1838-1870 with a focus on the year 1867. We also tell stories from the Fort in different eras, such as its use as a training facility for the Royal Canadian Artillery - A Battery, its use as an Internment & POW camp in World War 1 and as a POW camp in World War 2. The Fort also has a rich history of one of Canada’s earliest living history sites, opening in 1938 with the introduction of the Fort Henry Guard. We collect and maintain historical artifacts for display and research, a research archive, and, when appropriate, for use in our daily demonstrations.

We do not accept unsolicited donations through the mail, brought to or dropped-off at the site without prior communication. If you have an item which you think should be part of our collection, please telephone or send an e-mail or letter describing the item you have available. Please also include at least one photograph and any information you have available about how you acquired the object, past ownership, use, and historical significance.

Due to logistical concerns in caring for and storing items in our care and based on a desire to maintain a collection that is relevant to the period and region we portray, there are several criteria we consider. These include:

  • the age and condition of the item
  • whether or not we currently have similar items in our collection
  • how appropriate the item is to our mandate
  • the resources required to store and maintain the object in good condition

We do give priority consideration to items that have a direct and demonstrable connection with local history, connection with local historical personalities, local communities, and local historical events.

If you feel you have an item you would like to donate to Fort Henry please contact the site’s Curator:

Fort Henry - Curator

c/o Fort Henry National Historic Site
1 Fort Henry Drive, PO Box 213, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 4V8