YGK Craft Beer Fest Bands Announced

Fort Henry releases band line-up for the YGK Craft Beer Festival, Saturday June 11, 2022

The WildernessYGK Craft Beer Fest headliners, The Wilderness, Live at Rock the River.

Fort Henry is bringing some well-known Kingston and Ontario-based bands to the Canadian Tire stage at its YGK Craft Beer Fest when the festival returns on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Bands begin at 12:00pm and play all day. Indie-rock band The Wilderness, beloved by Kingston locals, wraps up the night with their headlining set kicking off at 6:30pm.

Bands include:

  • Julia Finnegan (12pm)*
  • Reckless & Banded (1:15pm)*
  • ISØBEL (2:30pm)
  • The Backsteps (3:45pm)*
  • Augusta (5:00pm)
  • The Wilderness (6:30pm)*

* Kingston-area artist

Gates open at 12:00pm and ticket holders may enter any time between 12pm and 7pm, no readmission.

To learn more about YGK Craft Beer Fest’s bands and beers, visit

St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) is proud to showcase the best of Kingston’s food, drink, and entertainment through YGK Craft Beer Fest, presented by Team Luca First Realty. This waterfront festival celebrating local beers and bands pairs the impressive heritage and history of the iconic Fort Henry with Kingston’s dynamic cultural life.

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