YGK Craft Beer Fest

Saturday June 9th: 12pm - 8pm

Shades: check. Beard: check. Comfy hill-sitting blanket: check. PERFECT! Now you’re ready to press your lips on cold, drippy, craft beer & sample melty, grilled goodness while chilling on the hill right in the backdrop of Downtown YGK. Enjoy this waterfront outdoor festival and kick off summer the right way. This year Fort Henry is offering a huge entertainment line up, bigger beer samples and many more vendors including cider and wine options.

The YGK Craft Beer Fest is the official after party of Fort Henry's Cannonball Crush Obstacle Race, and race participants get in free! Don't worry though, this festival is open to the public, too!

Skip the line and save when you buy your tickets online. 

Dates & Times

Saturday, June 9th, 2018
12pm - 8pm

Coming May 2018!

What a FANTASTIC event! I hope more people make there way up to Fort Henry before 8pm. Glad we attended !

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